Using Contests for Business Promotion

Contests for Business Promotion

Social media contests are an effective way to build brand awareness. These contests are simple, effective, and can be customized to fit your business goals. And they can be tracked! That’s a big bonus! If you haven’t tried social media contests yet, it’s time to start! The best part? You can customize them to fit your business goals and track the results! To get started, check out these tips.

Social media contests are a tried-and-true way to build brand awareness

A well-designed social media contest can boost engagement and sales. In one case, 7-Eleven increased its online sales by 35%, primarily through the use of social media contests. Similarly, Hydroflask, a water bottle company, started with just 300 followers and eventually grew to 500,000. The brand’s main strategy? The creation of social media contests.

The social media contest can increase the engagement between your brand and your audience. It also helps you gain better leads for conversion. Besides, it builds a strong following on social media. For this reason, businesses should use contest marketing tools to enhance their reach. To make use of contests, ensure that your target audience participates and creates content. A contest can also help increase brand awareness by converting leads to customers.

They are an efficient way to get the word out about your business

Social media sites like Facebook have strict rules for contests. To be eligible, your contest must meet the rules of those social media sites. For example, Facebook requires that participants like your business page or Instagram profile to enter. Instagram and Twitter also have strict rules. Make sure to follow these guidelines to maximize the success of your contest. Contests on Facebook can be conducted using visual marketing tools like Canva.

In addition to creating awareness about your brand, contests increase sales and generate leads. Studies show that 62% of contestants will share the details of the contest with their friends. Word of mouth advertising accounts for 13% of all customer purchases. People are 90% more likely to buy a product or service recommended by someone they know. A contest can increase brand awareness and generate leads, benefits that will continue long after the competition has ended.

They can be tracked

The most effective ways to track the success of your business promotion contests are to establish metrics that you can measure and improve over time. For example, if your goal is to increase your following, you can measure engagement metrics and audience interaction growth. You can also measure the number of leads that you have received through your contest. By doing so, you can better determine which contest elements are most effective. Here are some tips to help you track your contest’s results:

They can be optimized

When running a contest, it is important to consider how the promotion will be used. If you’re planning to use a lead form to capture data, for example, make sure you reference the offer on the last page of your landing page. Landing pages are vital because they introduce new customers to your campaign, educate visitors about the prizes, and encourage active participation. Besides generating leads, landing pages also give you actionable data that will help you improve future campaigns and improve your social media strategy.


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