Modern Homes For Sale in Vancouver


The Vancouver Home market is experiencing a boom. Prices are more than twice as high as they were a few years ago, which is both exciting and scary. However, prices are not going to stay this high forever. In fact, the city is likely to see a slight decline in the second half of 2022. There is a significant difference in real estate supply in different sub-regions of the city, so it’s important to understand supply before making an offer. This way, you’ll avoid bidding wars.

Modern homes

If you’re looking for a new home and have been thinking about a modern design, you’ll want to visit one of the many modern homes for sale in Vancouver. These homes are made with a contemporary flair and often have unique designs. The listings on this site were selected by our editors based on their modern flair and unique design features.

One example of a modern home in Vancouver is House 4249. This home was designed by DGBK Architects. Photography was provided by Wade Comer.

Affordable housing

The Vancouver housing market has become unaffordable for the majority of the population. The recent surge in the price of property has resulted in house prices that are out of reach for most people, especially the younger generation. Although most of the new rental housing is affordable, it is still far from affordable. The housing market in Vancouver is also disconnected from employment incomes, which means companies cannot attract young talent or key service workers.

The government could provide tax incentives for developers to build more affordable rental units. However, developers prefer to build condos because they are profitable. Building rental apartment buildings is costly and requires long-term holding and maintenance. In addition, the rental units have a low rate of return. As a result, developers do not build these units. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for affordable housing in Vancouver.

Diverse neighbourhoods

Vancouver is a city of diverse neighbourhoods. There are upscale neighbourhoods and lower-income communities. The city also has a number of super-mixed neighbourhoods, such as the Edmonds neighborhood in Burnaby-New Westminster. The neighbourhood has many low-income rental apartments and a number of older houses. Many of the residents are refugees. According to political scientist Eric Kaufmann, these neighbourhoods are characterized by a high level of multiculturalism.

While there are some differences between the ethnic makeup of these neighbourhoods, Metro Vancouver scores high on diversity compared to other Canadian and international cities. For example, Central Burnaby and the neighbourhood east of Fraser Street in central Vancouver score higher than 68 per cent on the diversity index, which puts them well above average.


Vancouver has a variety of schools that cater to a diverse student population. These schools offer different levels of academic excellence. Some of the more traditional, independent schools are rated high by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Others are more contemporary and specialized. In Vancouver, students have the option of attending a private school or a public school.

Schools in Vancouver also offer boarding options, which allow students to live in student residences. Students stay in single or two-person rooms, equipped with everything they need for their studies. They are also surrounded by school staff who live on the campus and can help with household issues.

Public transit

Vancouver has a highly efficient public transit system that will get you to anywhere you need to go. There are several routes that you can use to get to various attractions. There are also several bike and ride-hailing services in the city. Using these services will allow you to explore the city without having to worry about parking.

The bus system is laid out in a grid system, and most routes end in downtown Vancouver. However, there are several express routes that stop at various locations throughout the city. The most popular routes include the 99 B-line and Rapid Bus. Rapid Bus is a high-frequency service that offers frequent service to downtown.

Professional home stagers

Hiring professional home stagers is a great way to make your Vancouver home more attractive to potential buyers. They will ensure that your listing is well-presented, capturing the attention of the largest possible audience. The first step in staging your home for sale is to clear out clutter. Professional stagers will declutter, paint and rearrange furnishings to make the home more appealing. They will also add decorative pieces to give your home a fresh, modern look.

While staging a home can be costly, it is a worthwhile investment. In a competitive real estate market, a home’s first impression is essential to a successful sale. Home stagers are able to create an immediate impact on people’s perceptions of a home, while making it feel move-in ready. For example, a home stager from Home Ingredients recently furnished a condo in Kerrisdale on the West Side. It was purchased by a woman from Australia who loved the style of the place and asked to keep the furnishings.


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