Link Building Techniques to Optimize Your Website

Link Building Techniques

There are many Link Building Techniques to consider when optimizing your website. These include Guest posting, Infographics, Directory listings, and social media networks. In addition to external links, consider internal ones as well. These are links on your website that are targeted to pages on or off of your site. These will benefit your SEO and help to build credibility for your website.

Guest posting

Many people think that guest posting is a great way to generate links, but this is not always the case. For starters, most guest posts are of poor quality, lack insight and don’t feature the brand name of the author. They also tend to point to spammy affiliate sites. While blatant spam is easily identifiable, more subtle link spam that contains duplicate content or keyword-rich links can pass the spam sniff test.

Besides a link to your site, guest posting is also great for social signals. This includes mentions in authority publications and testimonials. For instance, if you’re a writer and want to be featured on an authority site, you can use a guest post to showcase your writing style and get links back to your website.


Infographics are easy to create and are an excellent link building technique. They can be shared through social media and can be advertised across several platforms. If you are looking to promote your infographics, you should research which website your target audience visits and what they look for. This way, you will be more likely to attract links from relevant sources.

Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. You need to make sure that the infographic you create is informative and easy to digest. If the infographic can provide useful information, you will get quality backlinks and boost your SERP.

Social media networks

Using social media networks to build links is a powerful link building technique that can help your site increase its domain authority and PageRank score. There are a number of ways to do this. Facebook features an intro section, which can contain a URL that points to your website. Incorporating your website’s URL in the intro section can help you get more targeted traffic.

If you’ve ever posted an article on a social networking site, you know that your content will eventually get re-tweeted, and in turn, you’ll receive links to it. You can even use social media to create an infographic, which has an embedded link. These are also more likely to be shared than text articles and can result in real traffic. They can also help you build brand awareness.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is an effective way to gain exposure and build relationships with fellow bloggers. However, you must ensure that your comments are relevant and offer support to the blogger’s community. In the long run, blog commenting can lead to better rankings, but it must be done correctly. Google has made irrelevant comment backlinks ineffective, so be sure to do your link building in the right way.

You can add value to the comment by adding value to the blog post you’re commenting on. Your comments should be relevant to the blog post, as they are mini-blog posts. You can also comment on relevant blogs to build backlinks.


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