How to Get Started in Commercial Laundry Services

Get Started in Commercial Laundry Services3

The drought that has hit California has proven a cautionary tale for the hospitality industry. Mandatory water reductions have put pressure on local businesses. To combat this problem, savvy business owners implemented water and energy saving technologies and set an example for their peers. But bare minimum water and energy conservation isn’t enough anymore. Commercial laundry services are looking for strategic long-term solutions. Here are some strategies to get started. Consider these factors.

Outsourcing tasks to save money

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to reduce expenses or a larger corporation trying to boost productivity, outsourcing commercial laundry tasks can help you save money and time. Not only will you save on payroll taxes, but you’ll also cut down on expenses like purchasing cleaning supplies, paying for water and electricity bills, and even buying washing machine equipment. Not only that, but outsourcers often have a better range of prices than you can find on your own.

For businesses of all sizes, it’s important to save money. It’s imperative to monitor every cent and optimize your business budget. Outsourcing laundry can help you save money on electricity and detergent, as well as free up employees to work on more valuable tasks. In addition to the savings, you’ll also free up employees’ time to focus on growing the business. And, of course, teamwork is an important aspect of running a business. Having a team with the right skills and mindset is essential to achieving success.

Outsourcing commercial laundry tasks to a professional company can help your business reduce costs and make better use of your resources. Businesses often need more linen during holidays or weekends, and owners can’t handle all of the clean up themselves. Outsourcing laundry services will take care of these chores for you, and their turnaround times will be much quicker than if you were to do it yourself. Even better, there are express laundry services if you need them ASAP.

Choosing the right equipment

When choosing equipment for your commercial laundry, there are several factors to consider. Your facility’s size is an important factor in determining the type of machine to purchase. If your laundry is only capable of a small amount of washing, a high-capacity machine will not be a good choice. Also, keep in mind that high-capacity machines tend to eat up more space than you have. Work with a distributor to determine the size of your laundry room and how much space you will have.

The type of commercial laundry equipment you purchase will depend on your industry. Large medical facilities will require high-capacity equipment, while fitness centers and salons will benefit from smaller machines. Commercial laundry equipment must be sized appropriately to handle the maximum number of loads, as well as the size of your facility. There are many different sizes and styles of commercial laundry equipment, so knowing your business’ needs can help you find the right machine.

Choose high-quality washing equipment. A quality machine is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial laundry. It will require less repair and maintenance over time and produce more washes per machine. Whirlpool, Maytag, and Speed Queen are trusted brands with over three centuries of experience. In addition, these brands have extended warranties to cover potential repair costs. A commercial laundry machine from a trusted brand will last a long time, save you energy, and keep your laundry clean.

Choosing the right chemicals

If you own or run a commercial laundry, you are well-aware of the importance of choosing the right chemicals. In fact, the chemicals you use depend on the type of soil, color, fiber content, and temperature of the water. Using the correct chemicals will reduce waste and improve cleaning quality, while avoiding costly mistakes. Basic chemicals for commercial laundries include detergents, softening agents, and bleaching agents. Alkaline-based detergents are good for cleaning natural textiles while bleaches and detergents do the most work on synthetic fibers.

Built detergents contain alkali. Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, and oxalic acid are all alkali-based chemicals. They are safe for most garments and can be used in laundry facilities with either hard or soft water. The best built detergent for commercial laundry is one that is designed specifically to remove these types of stains. Most commercial laundries use some form of built detergents.

Commercial laundry managers must make sure they have reliable chemical dispensing systems for all of their wash cycles. The chemical dosing system should be able to regulate the concentration of the chemicals in the wash water, preventing over or under-dosing and resulting in ineffective stain removal. Chemicals can also be expensive and have a high rate of turnover. To keep costs low, laundry managers must streamline the entire process to reduce waste and maximize profits.


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