Companies For Student Employment

Student Employment

Companies For Student Employment help students get jobs while they’re still in school. These positions typically offer flexible schedules and pay above federal minimum wage. To qualify, students must meet certain requirements. Many of these jobs are available for students who are studying in the fields of business, consulting, and online services. Accenture is a good example of a company that offers student employment.


If you’re looking for a great internship, Accenture is one of the companies you can apply to. Accenture is a global management consulting and technology services company with 236,000 employees. They serve clients in more than 120 countries and use their extensive industry expertise and research to help clients improve performance. They also have a corporate citizenship program called Skills to Succeed that targets skills shortages around the world. And their Corporate Citizenship Volunteer Awards recognize employees who go above and beyond to help the community.

Accenture is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to make a difference and advance their careers. Its internship program runs for 10 to 12 weeks and usually starts in late May and ends in early September. This internship program will reward your entrepreneurial spirit and give you the chance to develop your skills. With over 91 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies as clients, you can’t go wrong working at Accenture.

Intel Corporation

If you are currently studying at university and would like to gain experience in technology, Intel Corporation is a great opportunity for you. Students can either work towards a specific degree or work as a generalist. There are a few requirements for student employment with Intel, and there are several different positions you can apply for.

Intel Corporation has a strong reputation within the technology industry. It offers a high level of compensation and benefits and encourages employees to learn complex skills. Additionally, the company supports a flexible schedule. However, some employees have complained about slow career advancement at Intel.


Students who are looking for a rewarding career can apply for student employment at Apple. The company provides a competitive salary and tuition reimbursement. In addition, Apple employees enjoy tremendous benefits, including paid time off and discounted Apple products. The company provides a diverse and supportive work environment, and offers a wide variety of job functions and responsibilities. Apple also encourages creativity, while emphasizing security and product secrecy. The company also offers health and wellness resources and stock grants.

Apple is also looking for motivated students with strong leadership skills. Apple campus representatives need to have experience planning events and presenting, and they must enjoy networking and expanding their networks. This is more than a simple college job – students can use the experience to build their resumes and gain valuable professional experience.

Capital One

A student employment program like Capital One’s is a great way to gain work experience while in school. It offers students the chance to meet new people and find out about different career options. By participating in this program, students can apply for a paid internship and gain work experience. Applicants must be US Citizens or US Persons. To apply, students must complete a survey. The survey must be submitted by Friday, November 19th at 8am. If students are selected, they will receive project team assignments on Monday, December 6th.

CUNY/311 Project

The CUNY/311 Project Companies For Student employment program offers part-time positions at public agencies and schools throughout New York City. The position requires the successful candidate to be self-motivated and dedicated to the program. They will work as a Program Assistant for the CUNY 311 Project and report to the Program Manager. This position requires a minimum of 18 hours per week and will require weekend availability.

The CUNY 311 Project is a collaboration between the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and the City University of New York. The call center positions provide hands-on experience and learning opportunities for students. Students are required to meet certain requirements and pass an interview on campus.


Student employment companies, such as TARGETjobs, provide opportunities to find work overseas and improve employability. They provide a profile page, customized recruitment events, and more. These websites also help students apply for internships and jobs. Some of them are free, while others require a fee.

In addition to their database of internships and graduate jobs, targetjobs has a comprehensive careers advice section. Career experts and sector specialists help users find their ideal job. They also provide tips on networking and how to create effective applications.


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