3 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach

Instagram Reach

Are you struggling to increase your Instagram reach? Are you looking for the best ways to boost your following and get the most engagement? Previously, organic posts were the best way to get the most engagement. Unfortunately, this changed when Instagram updated its algorithm. While it still allows users to view organic posts, it no longer guarantees your content will be seen by everyone. This means you must work to get your content seen by as many people as possible, either organically or through paid advertising.

Content quality

There’s a growing relationship between content quality and Instagram reach. While the algorithms are constantly being tweaked, marketers can still use the principles outlined below to create high-quality content. Consistently high-quality content will remain relevant even as the algorithms change. This article will cover three of the most effective ways to maximize your content quality and reach. Once you’ve mastered these steps, you’ll be ready to increase your Instagram following with consistency.


Using hashtags to increase Instagram reach is important, but how do you know which ones to use? It’s important to remember that people use different hashtags for different things. You might find the #WTF hashtag to be effective, but it won’t do much for your Instagram reach. So, before you use a hashtag, make sure to check its intent and use it with caution. There are other tools that can help you analyze hashtag performance and create a list of the most relevant hashtags for your posts.

For the most successful use of hashtags for Instagram reach, you should choose those with broad appeal. Popular hashtags are used by brands to reach a larger audience, so using them may help you gain more followers. For instance, if your post is about the Boston Marathon, you should use #bostonmarathon. On the other hand, you can use a more specific hashtag like #boston marathon. For this kind of hashtag, it is important to keep in mind that people may search for your post even if they have no idea about you.

Posting frequency

Having a good understanding of the right posting frequency for your Instagram account will increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and increasing your engagement rates. Moreover, this will help you decide how often to post, as this will affect your post’s reach and the number of likes it gets. Mitchel Harad, an expert in online marketing, shares how to find the optimal posting frequency. He emphasizes the importance of consistency for building a loyal audience. Consistency and predictability are two of the most appealing qualities to your audience.

For brands, a daily post once or twice a day is the ideal number of posts per day. According to one study, posting more than twice per day did not significantly decrease engagement rates. However, it is important to be mindful of the time zone of your audience. Posting during a time when your audience is asleep will not reach them. Consequently, the ideal frequency for your Instagram account depends on your marketing goals. In addition to your audience’s time zone, try to determine what kind of content will attract your target audience.

Time of day

When to post on Instagram is crucial to your business. The most popular posting times on Instagram are just before noon on Wednesdays and Fridays, just before noon on Sundays. Posting during these times is ideal for engagement with content, as users are likely to scroll through the feed. However, posting on a Sunday is a poor time for engagement. In order to maximize your reach, consider posting on Tuesday between 11 AM and 2 PM CDT, when the majority of users are online.

The best time to post on Instagram depends on the content you’re sharing. A mommy-blogger might want to post during the day, but a corporate company might want to post at 5 PM, when people are most likely to be checking social media. In addition, you may want to avoid posting on Sunday, when many people are working or have errands to run. Using a fixed time is not as effective if your audience is global.


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